s&S Turbine Services Ltd.

General Electric

Gas Turbine Engine LM2500

The General Electric LM2500 Series Gas Generators, models P/G A through E Series are supported by S&S Turbine Services Ltd., with full overhaul and test cell services available.

On-engine auxiliaries are refurbished and tested in-house to ensure quality of product, when returned to the customer.


Twin Shank LM2500 units are economically refurbished by drawing from the vast aircraft parts availability network, allowing the most cost competitive cost-per-fired-hour rate of any turbine unit in this horsepower class. Also for the Twin Shank units is our exclusive hot section upgrade program, using the intelligent application of ceramic thermal barrier coatings to critical hot section components providing significant increases in output, thermal efficiency and ultimate engine longevity.

Single Shank LM2500 replacement core engine parts can also draw from the commercial flight CF6-45 units' world inventories, dropping total overhaul costs well below what the "OEM" shops charge.

Power Turbine support is also available for those operators who use the GE supplied aeroderivitive Six-Stage type power turbine assembly.

Give S&S Turbine Services Ltd. The opportunity to quote on your LM2500 Gas Generator heavy maintenance requirements, we are confident that you will be pleased with our total costs and turn times.

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