S&S Turbine Services Ltd.

3d Printing/Additive Manufacturing

reliable parts production for mature designs.

Since 2010, S&S Turbine Services Ltd has heavily invested in the future of aeroderivitive gas turbine parts manufacture through 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing processes. 

Unlike some of our competitors who state that they will perform no design work, we here at S&S Turbine Services Ltd have the opposite company philosophy. We constantly strive to identify parts supply shortfalls for mature turbine designs, perform design work on these components and ultimately produce these parts ourselves to ensure uninterrupted continuous reliable operation of these mature designs

Having our own design staff, test cell facilities and a fleet of wholly-owned turbine models allows us the ultimate in flexibility and ability to design, manufacture and verify the performance of additive manufactured components in a real-world situation. 

How do we know our parts are any good? We test, test and test some more. Then we fit our fleet of lease engines with manufactured components to accumulate fired hours in end-use applications before finally releasing the components to our clients and the general market. 

We are very proud to be able to state that to date our additive manufactured/3D printed hot section components have accumulated thousands of run hours and have lent new life to engine product lines that were previously thought to be unsupported and on borrowed time. 

These engine lines are continuing  to operate economically and most importantly, reliably. We are years ahead of the competition; Make that, We have no competition!

Our really fine print!

Please check back to our website for some soon to be released news about our additive manufacturing/3D printing processes, which will shake up the turbine hot section component repair business!

Need parts to keep that older model engine operating at peak efficiency & output?
Our 3D printing/additive manufacturing options may be just what you need!