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Gas Turbine Engines J79/LM1500

The General Electric J79/LM1500 product line is the mainstay of S&S Turbine Services Ltd, upon which the foundation of the company was built and continues today to be the main product that our reputation is based upon.

We are currently the sole facility holding all the necessary fabrication jigs for full Level-IV overhaul of these units, as well as certified and calibrated test cell equipment specifically designed for testing of these units with corrected data to Land based and Marine ISO conditions.

LM 1500 industrial

As the LM-1500 product line is no longer a current offering from OEM packagers, S&S Turbine Services Ltd. maintains a fleet of rental units for those customers whom of which find it more attractive to lease engines, or may need replacement horsepower quickly.


Our J79 industrial conversion units are the very best LM-1500 compatible units available. Compare with our competitors, and you will agree that our pricing, attention to details and end products are the most cost competitive available. We offer our units in various levels of build, custom tailored to your needs. Please call for our pricing, lease rates and availability.


We offer a hot section upgrade package for the LM-1500 product line that combines modern ceramic thermal barrier coating technology with improved gas path sealing and ruggedized selected hot section components to provide a series of efficiency and output upgrades. Over the years, several LM-1500 units for various gas compression utilities have been upgraded with excellent results.

Our Ph-II upgrade provides a 13% output and efficiency upgrade without any reduction in overhaul period. Our PH-III upgrade package provides a full 25% increase in output and cycle efficiency without any reduction in overhaul period. If increased output is not required, our hot section upgrade package can greatly extend the overhaul life of hot section components, reducing the total per fired hour maintenance costs.

We at S&S Turbine Services Ltd. pride ourselves in being the most experienced and knowledgeable people in the LM-1500 business. When asked how our competitors LM-1500 products are in terms of quality, we have to answer very good. (because we were probably subcontracted to do the work).

The LM-1500 units will continue to soldier on for an indefinite period of time. Our exclusive reduced emissions combustor program is showing excellent results, with corrected N0x. emissions of less than 25 parts per million. Parts selection has never been better, and together with our manufacturing capability of those previously hard to get components, the LM-1500 product line will continue to be a viable power producer for many years.


j79 Military

Full overhaul services available, including Auxiliary drive gearbox assemblies, Fuel control units, Afterburner controls and hardware, 


Variable stator vane systems, and Auxiliaries. Engines are tested to full wet thrust ratings to ensure a completely reliable product upon arrival at customers facilities. Aircraft supported: McDonnell Douglas F4 Phantom, Israeli Aircraft Industries Kfir C-Series, Lockheed F-104 Starfighter.


View a J79 engine tested in full thrust augmentation, in the S&S Turbine Services Ltd. test cell. 

Please contact us as to your LM 1500 and J79 military engine requirements. 
We guarantee you will be pleased with our service.

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