S&S Turbine Services Ltd.

Hot Section Upgrades

So effective it pays for itself!

Our hot section upgrade program is rapidly growing in reputation for significant improvements to thermal efficiency, output, and component life. 

Our high hour upgraded engines have reached over 33,000 fired hours, with less than 4% total thermal spallation of ceramic coatings on rotating blading, and less than 1% on stationary components. The latest developments in EBPVD. and HVOF. application processes allow this unprecedented degree of reliability, unmatched by our competitors.

This upgrade program is so effective that it pays for itself many times over, by virtue of increased throughput, and/or life extension of thermally stressed components.

ceramic turbine coatings
Ceramic Turbine Blade Coatings
tbc coatings first stage
TBC coating, First Stage Turbine Nozzle
tbc coatings turbine stator vanes
TBC Coating, Turbine Stator Vanes, Improved Cooling Regimens
stator coating
Compressor Stator Coating
Upgrade and Replacement
blade tip shrouds
Exclusive 180 Degree Honeycomb Blade Tip Shrouds for Improved Gas Path Sealing

we stand behind our work! 

Our warranties are among the best in the industry, verifying the quality of our parts sourcing. Our revolutionary NO-COST engine condition assessment is rocking the industrial gas turbine maintenance industry onto its collective ear. We only request that the customer covers the costs associated with the transport of their engine assembly to our Fort St. John B.C. maintenance facility. Once your engine arrives, it is bulk stripped under the inspection of your appointed representative, and given a thorough condition assessment and estimate as to repair costs. If you are not happy, the engine is re-assembled and shipped to the facility of your choice, all at no cost obligation to you. To date, we have not had a single customer who was not completely happy with this treatment, and it is our trademark.

Let us quote you on a comprehensive upgrade package, custom tailored to your operating requirements. Customer testimonies regarding performance of hot section upgrade program are available upon request.