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S&S Turbine Services Ltd. has a full range of component and assembly services available. Overhaul of auxiliary equipment such as Garrett AiResearch starter assemblies is a service we provide to customers who have units that are no longer supported by the OEM. We keep a number of rebuilt starter assemblies and parts in stock for immediate shipment. Inquire as to availability for your requirements.

Dynamic rotor balancing is performed in-house by specially trained technicians, and is a service also offered to customers. No rotor is too big or too small. We can dynamically balance to your specifications or use our recommended specs, custom tailored to your specific application.

Today, we offer the only directionally solidified, and single crystal cast turbine blading, and nozzles commercially available in Canada. These parts cast in the latest superalloys ensure superior performance to original specifications. We would be pleased to quote you as to pricing and deliverability for your requirements.

component repair
Component Repair
auxiliary drive gear refurbishment
Auxiliary Drive Gearbox Refurbishment
garrett airesearch support
Garrett AiResearch Product Support
tbc coatings
TBC Coatings and Dynamic Balance Services
ceramic thermal barrier coatings
Ceramic Thermal Barrier Coatings
jet pipe and variable nozzle refurbishment
Jet pipe and Variable Nozzle Refurbishment
stator vane coating replacement
Stator Vane Coatings Replacement
turbine module thermal upgrade programs
Turbine Module Thermal Upgrade Programs

it's not time to retire yet! 

To be cost effective in the industrial gas turbine marketplace, you must be able to offer replacement hot section components from a non-OEM source. This is especially true for older turbine units where the OEM is actively persuading the customer to retire the units and to upgrade to newer engines of questionable reliability and cost effectiveness.

Want to keep that older model engine operating at peak efficiency & output?