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rr mk2024Rolls Royce Mk-2024 OlympusFor performance verification for both pre- and post- major work performed to turbine units, test running is a necessity. Our "no-frills" approach to test cell performance verification testing is to concentrate our investment into instrumentation that gives the very best in data collection. Any test cell is only as good as the data collection system, and ours is an industry leader in terms of the detail and accuracy of the performance parameters monitored and recorded.

Induction test running is offered to those customers who require verification of engine performance before and after service depot visit.

Our cell is extremely flexible, with full load capability from 50 to 40,000 horsepower via water and air brake dynamometers up to 9,000 shaft horsepower, and calibrated jet pipe orifices for the higher output turbine units.

Vibration monitoring allows live, streaming spectral analysis, and displays in any units of measurement the customer may request.

Variable Stator Vane (VSV) control is accommodated by using the customer's supplied equipment, or our own microprocessor based equipment, as desired.

rr allison 501k-170Rolls Royce Allison 501Krr avon 170Rolls Royce Avonorenda-170Orenda

For aircraft-use turbine engines, thrust is measured by calibrated, temperature-compensated strain gauges to give pinpoint accuracy in thrust measurements. Full reheat capability is available for military engine applications that require wet thrust measurement for critical front-line defensive type aircraft applications.


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J79 Afterburner Test Cell Run
Orenda Test Cell Run
Rolls Royce Olympus Test Cell Run
Rolls Royce Avon Test Cell Run

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