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mk2022Mk-2022 C-Rated unit, at completion of overhaul at our Fort St. John, BC facilities.Rolls Royce/Bristol Aerospace Marine and Industrial Olympus units are fully supported at S&S Turbine Services Ltd with Level-IV Overhaul and Test capabilities. Currently, we are one of the only independent shops in the world successfully overhauling Olympus turbine engines, offering significant reductions in overhaul costs and turn times as compared to OEM shops.

All on-engine auxiliaries and systems are supported, including Liquid fuel, Natural Gas Fuel, Air Starting and Oil systems. Internal and external drive gearboxes are fully rebuilt in-house for top quality control. All rotor dynamic balancing is performed by S&S technicians, on our own equipment to ensure perfect rotor balance and low engine operating vibration signature.

Mk-2022/2024 C-Rated Core overhaul exchange engine assemblies are kept in-stock for minimal customer downtime and fast turnaround.

Every engine assembly undergoing heavy maintenance or overhaul at our facilities is test run on our instrumented test cell, with state of the art data collection equipment. Print outs of test run data presented to the customer upon completion of test running.

As the Marine and Industrial Olympus units are no longer offered by the OEM, and their support is tapering off, we here at S&S Turbine Services Ltd are committed to keeping these excellent engines operating reliably and economically for many years to come. Why be held hostage by the OEM, who really wants you, as the customer to "upgrade" to newer, less reliable and certainly more expensive turbine units, when your Olympus units are still serving you well? We here at S&S maintain a large inventory of overhaul components, major assemblies and exchange/lease engines to keep your down time minimal, and costs under control.

hp turbine moduleFully Refurbished HP Turbine ModuleauxiliariesIn-House Overhaul of AuxiliariescombustorRefurbished Combustor Module

Upgrades and modifications for the Olympus units are constantly being developed and tested on our cell, to provide improvements in maintenance and unit reliability. Our exclusive Olympus hot section upgrades using the latest technologies in metallurgy, cooling regimens and ceramic thermal barrier coatings, allows significant improvements in cycle efficiency and component longevity. We are continuing to improve the model, where the OEM has left off in the interest of keeping these great units running well into the future. Why "upgrade" to newer turbine units when you really don't need to?

Call us today for an estimate as to your Olympus heavy maintenance requirements.

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