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501k501K Overhaul ServicesThe Allison 501K/T56 product line is one of S&S Turbine Services Ltd.'s mainstays for which we have full Level III overhaul and test capability for both industrial and aviation applications.

Parts sourcing from selected industrial, commercial and military surplus ensures our customers get the very best in parts quality and economy. As with all our supported turbine products, all overhaul and heavy maintenance parts are thoroughly inspected before placed in our, or a customer's, unit. Allison 501 parts and rental engine inventory levels vary due to demand, so please contact us for availability.

Operators of older 501K units may wish to take advantage of our hot section upgrade package. Through the application of ceramic thermal barrier coatings to selected hot section components, reliability and time between overhauls TBO) period can be enhanced without the big bills associated with the full KB5 upgrade that OEM shops perform. Too often we hear of 501K units that are in service at below 3.0 mW maximum load. Come overhaul time, the operator is forced to upgrade the unit to full KB5 status. This is an unnecessary expenditure that can be better served by upgrading the original design with economical thermal barrier coatings. We therefore would be pleased to evaluate your 501K unit so as to provide a comprehensive assessment of repair and labour costs to bring your unit to serviceable or overhauled condition.

rotor balanceDynamic Rotor Balanceair brakeTest Cell air brake dynamometer250 ks4 testAllison 250-KS4 Testing

Currently, we here at S&S TSL are the only independent facility in the world performing Rolls Royce/Allison 250-C20B conversions to Marine KS4 model status, including full water brake dynamometer testing to ensure adequate output torque from 0 N2 rotor speeds, up to full output shaft rpm. Give us a call for your KS4 maintenance requirements.

For details on our services covering the refurbishment of Military Allison TF41 units, please see our Rolls Royce Spey page.

250-ks4Allison 250 KS4 overhaul servicesmacu refurbTurbine MACU Refurbishment501k-reassemble501K Reassembly

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