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j79 repair and testJ79 engine repair and testS&S Turbine Services Ltd. provides exceptional and rigorously standards-compliant services in support of maintenance and overhaul of all varieties of military aviation and naval gas turbines. Not only are we able to provide turnaround times in compliance with the military customers' needs, but also provide the documentation and conveyances necessary to ensure that governmental and regulatory processing of your military orders are handled in the most expeditious manner.


Defense related import/export certifications and licensing include but are not limited to: Canadian Controlled Goods Directorate; U.S./Canada Joint Liaison Office for munitions list categories covering aircraft engine components as well as non-aircraft GT components, and PMTDC, U.S. Department of State (ITARS) documentation requirements are fully covered by our clerical support staff upon initiation of all military contracts, under the direct supervision of the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Export Controls Division.

iai kfir c series supportAI Kfir C-Series Engine Support

S&S Turbine Services maintains an excellent library of military manuals and technical advisories from the original equipment manufacturers so that all GT work is conducted in compliance with and is therefore traceable to pertinent standards. We invite your military procurement inspection staff to review our capabilities prior to the award of any contract to S&S Turbine Services, as it is our intent to ensure our quality control and assurance system meets the requirements of your military organization's compliance team.

pw j52 testP&W J52 Engine undergoes rigourous testingrr allison marine supportRolls Royce/Allison Marine KS4 Supportrr mk1903 sm1a marine supportRolls Royce Mk-1903 SM1A Marine Engine Support


Facility security is of paramount importance to military customers in these troubled times. In response to this need, S&S Turbine Services has invested in the creation of a dedicated and secure military maintenance overhaul facility apart from its main turbine gallery. Our military customers are invited to send their advance team of security analysts to review S&S Turbine Services Ltd. for compliance with the most demanding of security-related standards.

j79-j1e supportJ79-J1E Support and Test

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