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Every aeroderivative gas turbine on-engine system can be inspected and refurbished in our facilities. Starting, Lube oil, Auxiliary drive, Air and Fuel systems are all fully supported, and tested to ensure correct function and reliability when your engine arrives back on-site. Unlike many of our competitors, we do not subcontract such work, and perform it ourselves. These same technicians are the one who will fit the assembly to the engine, and carry through to engine test, giving continuity of product, and the highest quality assurance.

hydraulic test bench 170Hydraulic Systems Test Bench

liquid fuel pump overhaul 170Liquid Fuel Pump Overhaulliquid fuel nozzle test 170Liquid Fuel Nozzle Testing

Our parts sourcing network constantly searches for the most cost effective components that give our customers the best return for their maintenance capital investment. It is this flexibility that allows S&S Turbine Services Ltd. to offer significant reductions in overhaul costs, in comparison to OEM. facilities, who are severely restricted as to where they are allowed to obtain their parts.

Our warranties are among the best in the industry, verifying the quality of our parts sourcing. Our revolutionary NO-COST engine condition assessment is rocking the industrial gas turbine maintenance industry onto its collective ear. We only request that the customer covers the costs associated with the transport of their engine assembly to our Fort St. John B.C. maintenance facility. Once your engine arrives, it is bulk stripped under the inspection of your appointed representative, and given a thorough condition assessment and estimate as to repair costs. If you are not happy, the engine is re-assembled and shipped to the facility of your choice, all at no cost obligation to you. To date, we have not had a single customer who was not completely happy with this treatment, and it is our trademark.

jet pipe variable nozzle 170Jet Pipe / Variable Nozzle Refurbishment

rotor balancing 170Dynamic Rotor Balancing Servicesauxiliary drive 170Auxiliary Drive Gearbox Overhaul








Our field service technicians are available to perform online and crank soak engine water wash treatment, hot gas path borescope inspection, and remaining life analysis. Our technicians are fully current to work on-site, in terms of safety training, emergency procedures, and gas plant activity. 

oil pump overhaul 170Oil Pump Overhaul

stator refurbishment 170Compressor Case and Stator refurbishment

combuster refurbishment 170Combuster Refurbishment

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S&S Turbine Services Ltd. is a family-owned and operated enterprise committed to delivering excellence in gas turbine overhaul, repair and maintenance services. Accuracy, high precision, and standards compliance that meet or exceed original equipment manufacturers' specifications characterize our work.  Find out more about us here.

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